Woman Weightlifters and Diets

woman weight lifters


Woman and Calories

Women need the right number of calories and eating enough carbs for workout. It all depends on whether the women is looking to lose weight or bulk up muscle. Strength training is important for women as you can eat more calories.

Best exercise

Walking and cycling are good for cardio training as it is important for women. Bicycling stationary or outdoors are great cardio exercises. Step aerobics is one of the most preferred exercises for women. You can burn about 400 calories in bicycling in 30 minutes. Swimming is also a great cardio exercise. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends about two and one half hours per week of moderate aerobic exercise.


Cardio is the quickest way to burn fat. Beginners should use basic cardio machines like cycling, walking or running. Cardio can burn muscle but only if you eat a low protein diet. If you are a beginner start with cardio activities so you can do them for a longer time and gain positive outcomes.

Using weights

If you are starting with weights pick a weight 2-5 lb. dumbbells for 10 reps and 2 to 3 sets. For heart exercise do rowing, running and treadmill are the best for your heart health. Jump rope can burn a lot of calories. Warm up about 10 minutes before lifting. Slowly stretch your muscles. The best weight lifting exercises for women are push-ups, incline bench press and bench press. When starting with hard weights use dumbbells between 2 and 5lbs. As you progress you can go to 5 to 20lbs.

Older woman

Women over 40 should lift regularly to stay lean. Lifting weights restore muscle loss that comes with aging. For experienced body building weight lifters you should be able to dead lift 2 times per week. The metabolism slows down as you age so its harder for a woman over 50 as the body doesn’t burn calories as it did at an earlier age.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet seems to be the best diet for women as it serves fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish. You can have some poultry avocados, eggs and nuts. High protein low carb diets is best for older women such as lean meat, legumes and foods rich in protein. To lose weight fast you will need to cut out alcohol and sugary sodas. Best weight loss diet is chicken, whole eggs, salmon fish and grass fed beef. Bagels are good to eat before a workout. Also, any berries and bananas will be good. So drink plenty of water, eat lean meats, fruits and vegetables and say away from sodas. The Mediterranean diet is best for women as it has olives, olive oil, and fish for fat. Avoid processed meats. The Mediterranean diet is good for weight lifting women as it offers quinoa, lemon, cauliflower, garlic and olives.

Things to Avoid

Avoid french fries, chips, fried foods and carbs. You can drink red wine in moderation. Other things to avoid are: white bread, pasta, any white flour products. Snacks you could eat consist of Oatmeal, whole grain crackers, fresh fruits and vegetables.

As you get into weight training or cardio training you are the best judge of what works for you. To keep a healthy body there are many steps to follow. Make it you priority to take care of you and you will be fine.

All the best,

Alan Stinnett