Woman Supplement Needs

Women have different needs when starting out in body building. The need for body building supplements are different. Women need a hard training exercise. A good nutritional program doesn’t give you all you need. You need a good supplement.

1) Whey Protein– Whey Protein is digestible and taken in the morning. This sends amino to the muscle. Also, taken after workouts.

2) Caffeine- Caffeine gives you energy and helps to increase muscle strength. You can also get this in green tea. Can be taken before workouts.

3) Vitamin D– Vitamin D gives strength to muscle.

4) B Complex– B Complex gives you energy.

5) Vitamin C– Helps to improve the immune system.

6) Multi Vitamin– Multi Vitamin Helps with the nutrition in your diet.

7) CLA– CLA supports fat loss. It may be a lot starting out with body building workouts but in the long run it will be worth it. You will feel better and will be glad you got your body building supplements.

Women who lift weights

Women who weight lift want to lose weight so they cut down on eating. But women need to have calories to build muscle. To develop muscle tissue a women needs additional energy. Nutrition is needed for both men and women who want to build muscle. You will need to watch carbs and fat intake. Body builders need a high protein diet to help with repair of muscle. Resistance training should be your main goal to build muscle.

Women also need cardio training to help with their goal. You need to make body building a focus if you are to gain muscle. As you age your metabolism slows down and you will gain weight if you quit your exercise routine.

It has been said that women should stick to cardio but she can also use weight lifting to gain body tissue. According to the American Counsel on Exercise, women’s benefit of working out are:

1) Increased bone density.

2) Faster metabolism as your body burns more calories.

3) It gives you stronger knees. Body building like squats and lunges build hip strength and helps the knees which reduce the risk of ACL injuries.

4) Improved mobility posture and balance.

5) Better mood. Lifting weights makes it less likely of developing depression due to release of natural mood chemicals like, dopamine, serotonin and nor epinephrine.


Work large muscles before small ones. This helps to sculpt the body. Some of the best exercises for women are, squats, push-ups and lunges. The best exercise to do before weight training is aerobics. Aerobic exercise like, swimming, biking and treadmill. Do aerobics 5/10 minutes before weight training. The best exercise to do for the whole body are, lunges, push-ups, squats and rows. For muscle building workout do crunches, push-ups and squats.

Exercise will change your whole body. You can expect to feel better and your heart, muscles, bones and brain will benefit from this. If you are older 60-70, you can benefit from swimming, walking and biking. The main thing is to make it a routine, stick to it and don’t give up.

Best of luck,

Alan Stinnett