When to Start Working Out

What is the best age to start working out

The most known age that I have found is 13 to 15 years old. This is when the hormones start to work. In the past with sports starting at 10 or 12 years old youth had some problems with their bodies not quite developed yet. They need to focus on what they are doing. Don’t set them up for failure if they are not ready to start a workout system.

Motivation to start a workout

Make it rewarding and not something that is begrudging. Most youth have a time with focusing on what they are doing which makes if difficult to stay on a workout regime. Have them do something that is rewarding.

What’s the best way to start

Have them start with a small amount of weights and cardio approximately 25 minutes. Get a health check and go to a Dr to see that they are healthy enough to start a gym workout. Set realistic goals and be consistent. Get a beginners guide workout for youth and make plans. Set a regime that is able to be completed. Don’t set them up for failure.

In this country we have a lot of youth who are overweight and in the need of physical exercise. Keep your youth active and be consistent with their activities. Our children are under a lot of stress these days and don’t have the time for physical activity. They need to become more physically active. As they start to workout they will feel better, sleep better and will increase positively their mental health.

Best to all, 

Alan Stinnett