Weight Lifting-Juicing-and Back Pain in Lifting

weight lifting and back pain

Fitness and Weightlifting

Beginners will need to use light dumbbells for toning arm, chest and shoulders. Also do lunges and squats as this is good for beginners as they strengthen the calf muscles, thighs and buttock.

Resistance bands are good for women beginners for muscle toning. Best body weight exercise for weight gain is push-ups, set-ups, back extensions and pull-ups. Cardio offers the best workout for loosing weight.

Starting a workout and your overweight consists of start up, you will have a difficult time starting but motivate yourself to start, know what your limits are and go slow. Body weight training helps you build muscle to replace fat with lean tissue. Strength training is good to use push-ups and set-ups, crunches and set-ups.

Best exercise to do at home are planks, rows, squats, lunges and push-ups. The best workout for fat loss is aerobics at least 3 time per week. A routine can be set to help with scheduling your workout. Schedule a routine, pick something that works for you, start easy and schedule the night before your going to exercise. There are 4 types of exercise 1) strength 2) flexibility 3) balance 4) aerobics. You can add 5 lbs to your workout until you reach you maximum goal.

Back Pain and Weight Lifting

What causes back pain when lifting weights? Using heavy weights and lifting when your muscles are tired. This is common among weight lifters. It is important to let you pain heal before continuing your training. The best recovering ideas to get over back pain is to take short walks. Things to do that are good for the back are crunches, leg lifts and squats. Do as many as you can as this will relieve back pain. To strengthen back muscles try deadlifts, bent over rows and hyperextensions.

To help with muscle soreness take a while off to recuperate. Apply ice and heat and you may want to get a massage. The best back exercise for woman is chin up, bent over row, seated dumbbell row and deadlift. To strengthen your lower back it is best to go for a walk.

Best exercise for chest, biceps and back are pull-ups, chin-ups and dumbbell rows. To help with muscle pain take a hot bath, gentle exercise and make sure to warm up before you workout. Heat or a warm bath bath may help to relieve muscle pain. It is very normal to be sore after workouts especially if you are a beginner.

The best gym workout for woman are squats and lunges. The best exercise for the upper back is face pull. The best exercise for any beginner is lunges and squats. Ice is really good for healing lower back pain quickly.

Juicing and Weight loss

Fruits and vegetables have healthy fiber which is lost during juicing. Some say that juicing is better than eating fruits and vegetables. Your body can absorb the nutrients better and it is better for your digestive system. You may have some fiber in juicing. They say that juicing can lower your risk of cancer and boost your immune system. Scientific evidence shows that juice is healthier than the juice you get from eating the fruits and vegetables. Juicing’s can help you lose weight. A small study of 20 people who juiced for 3 days lost about 2 lbs and saw an increase in stomach bacteria. If you are lifting weights while fasting use low weights and lower intensity. Do not try to work on building muscle. If you are on a juice diet you will intake less calories so ultimately you will lose weight. Juice diets are lower in calories. Your body takes about 5 hours to digest fat, 3 hours to digest protein and 2 hours for carbohydrates. For workouts that are about one and one half hours away have a snack. Juicing should not replace regular meals.

For those of you that are confused about what to do, as there is so much information, just choose what is best for you. Information is numerous and it is easy to get confused. So get your schedule and do what is good for you. Find a partner and bounce things off of them. Learn all you can and get started.

Best of luck,

Alan Stinnett