Home Workout Plan

The best workout plan is dumbbell, squats and chest presses. If you get tired after ten reps you have enough weight do three sets. As you progress you can move to 4 sets.

For home workouts you need jump rope, dumbbells, balance ball and exercise bench. Some of the easiest exercises to lose weight are walking, crunches and stretching.

You may want to get a yoga mat, free weights, an exercise ball and stationary bike. Experts say start with a full body routine. You need to do this about 3 times per week. Bicycling, jogging or swimming are great aerobic exercises. Be sure to set up something you will enjoy.

Some other home exercises you can do lunges, push-ups, squats, planks, sit-ups, leg raises crunches and touching your toes. According to the American College of sports Medicine, you should exercise 150 to 250 minutes per week. The best exercise for fat loss is squats and lunges.

If you are starting to work out for the first time get a good pair of gym shoes and a good workout outfit. Starting is better to workout 2 times a week. If you push yourself to where your breathing is heavy is the best way to lose body fat. Cardio burns the most fat when you exercise for about 30 minutes. Some examples are swimming, jump rope, sprints and cycling.

When starting out with your weekly workout plans remember don’t do too much as this can lead to burnout. Start with push-ups, walking, squats and leg lifts. You want to make sure that you build workout plans that work. Set goals, start exercise, strength first and target for high reps.

There are serious health benefits in loosing weight. If you have diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure studies show that exercise can positively affect these illnesses. To burn fat the best exercise is aerobics.

The fastest way to burn calories is doing the jump rope, walking, running and swimming. If you are overweight get started and understand your limits. To work on muscle groups you can work on chest and back, quads and hamstrings, biceps and triceps.

When planning a home workout plan remember to start slow, set up your goals and pick something that works for you. Prepare your workout the day before as it makes it likely that you will follow through. The group of muscles you need to target knees for strength use leg presses, squats and cycling. Make sure you have time to warm up and cool down. The best weekly plans that work for women is incline, push-ups, squats, leg press and jump rope.

One of the best home exercise is just to walk. The best workout plan for women is leg press, bench press, shoulder press and walking lunges. Cardio is good to lose weight. Bicycling either on a machine or out doors is best for loosing weight.

The best exercise for women beginners are lunges and squats. Women need to have both aerobics and resistance training. Things you need at home to begin exercise is a mat, gym shoes and a stability ball. To build muscle you can do crunches, squats and push-ups. Watkins suggests that you do these 5 exercise to stay fit: 1) plank 2) jumping jacks 3) walkout push-ups 4) hip bridge. The best exercise for building strength is squat, bench press and shoulder press.

When you are starting to workout you nee to make a commitment to yourself to make a goal and stick with it. Don’t do more than you can handle as you will burn out and this cant be an option if you are wanting to lose weight or build muscle. Sticking to your goals is a must. Start off slowly and if its too much back off and lower your weights. Have a good workout.

All the best,

Alan Stinnett