Free Weights Versus Machine Weights

When we discuss free weights vs machine weights you have to consider the person using them. For a beginner machine weights are probably going to be the one to start with. Free weights are more versatile and machine weights are less versatile. It is more likely to make your goal using free weights. It takes practice to work with free weights. Machine weights can also help if it is used properly. Free weights activate more muscle. Machine weights are safer when you are tired after using free weights. It takes more effort to use free weights. Free weights reach more muscle tissue. Leg machines are good for toning up your thighs and hips. For starting new weight lifter should include cardio, arms and legs. When you compare free weights to machine weights, free weights win every time. Free weights are good for muscle tone and loosing fat.

It is not good to lift every day as your body needs time to rest. For beginners squats are the best exercise to do. For building strength squats, bench press and shoulder press is the best to do. The treadmill is the best machine for cardio. If you want to build muscle it is recommended by experts that you do push-ups, pull ups and leg raises. Stationary bikes and rowing machines are good for home use. Rowing machines and treadmill are best for loosing weight.

Though we discussed the differences in free weights and machine weights actually they both work for loosing weight and building muscle.

Best to all,

Alan Stinnett