Diets for Body Building

There are many diets for body builders. There is Healthy weight lifting diet. Also, what is the diet for body type. Diets need to be in conjunction with your weight lifting training.

Vitamins BKCA

Vitamin B: Supports heart health and cholesterol.

Vitamin K: Can prevent stroke and helps your blood to clot.

Vitamin C: It functions as an antioxidant and reparation of tissues.

Vitamin A: can be found in many fruits and vegetables. It can be found in eggs, meat and fish.

Eat mixed nuts

A one once serving of mixed nuts provide about 15 grams of fat. They are low in carbohydrates and rich in fiber.

Chose a good protein

Whey protein and casein are two of the best proteins. Eat Lean beef, lean pork, lean chicken.

Weight lifting diets can help in loosing weight

This will help in your weight lifting training.

Have a lot of steamed vegetables. Legumes are the best thing to help build body muscle.

Try to eat five meals daily.

Eating five meals daily will help to take the edge off of your feeling of hunger and not fullness.

Diet for body types

For all body types your will need to eat poultry, eggs and fish. Animal meat should be boiled, baked or grilled.

Burn fat

To burn fat your can eat salmon, sardines, and fish.

When choosing for weight lifting diets remember eat low fat meats and legumes. Get plenty of vitamin supplements. Its difficult for new body builders to start but well worth it in the long run as your feel better and lose weight. The main thing is to not give up and get support from another person to keep you in the game.


Alan Stinnett