Creatine-Product Review

Creatine is used to increase performance in the gym. It can increase muscle mass, strength and how you perform. Some people believe it is unsafe but this is not supported by the experts. Creatine improves and strengthens muscle mass. It helps with muscle recovery after a workout. Creatine regenerates your bodies source of energy.

Studies show that creatine should be taken before and after exercise. You can take creatine about 30 minutes before you exercise and right after. Creatine will help retain muscles during exercise. It will also help you to lift heavier weights. If taken as the dose recommends it is safe.

Creatine helps to do intense workouts and enhances muscle volume. Take creatine monohydrate for muscle retention and learn all about creatine for your workout needs.

Creatine monohydrate is not a weight loss supplement. Most people start off taking 15 grams of creatine the first week, half before and half after workout. Using creatine after the first week drop the dose to 5 grams. You can take creatine daily as it helps when you’re having off days as well. It may cause you to gain weight because it helps you to increase muscle. However, creatine does not cause you to gain weight from fat. You could gain weight from using creatine in muscle mass.

When you are consistent in your workouts and doing resistance training creatine can help you burn fat. when you use creatine the kidneys have to work harder to get rid of the toxins.

Creatine can cause kidney stones but this is rare. Common side effects of creatine are: weight gain, stomach pain, diarrhea and muscle cramps. Creatine is often used to create muscle strength.

You should use protein after cardio training as protein helps to repair muscles. Drink plenty of water while taking creatine. Taking creatine on off days is recommended to keep creatine levels in your muscles elevated. Creatine if taking daily you would likely see 1-5 lbs. in the first two weeks of weight gain. When using regularly you could ultimately gain 10 lbs. Creatine will add water weight to your muscles. You muscles are approximately 70% water. So if creatine helps you add 10 lbs. of muscle mass about 7 lbs. is water.

When you are trying to lose weight creatine doesn’t interfere with weight loss goals. Creatine will help by burning fat. Foods to eat if you are having high levels of creatine are: broccoli, grapes, chicken, cucumbers, carrots, fish and apples.

Whey protein is a milk based supplement that is absorbed fast and is good before and after workouts. You get creatine through eating red meat and fish. You don’t want to take creatine if you have a kidney disease. Nobody should put anything in their bodies without first identifying the risks. Creatine though it may cause water retention, it can be effective for increasing endurance and strength.

Creatine taken as the dose recommends is safe. If your are doing body building it is recommended to take creatine supplement for your muscle retention and all around workout. Taken on off days can help to keep the levels of creatine in your system. Be dedicated to the workout and use supplements as they are suggested for your workouts.

Best of luck,

Alan Stinnet