Amino Acids

Well I know that we all need amino acids for the healing of the body, hair and bones but the benefit of using them is better today than in the last 20 years. The improvement of things we can put in our body has increasingly gotten better.

There are many types of amino acids. Taking them will help with dieting. Supplements help to have a healthy body. I don’t claim to be a chemist but I know and have learned that taking Leucine, Lysine, Threonine are very good for body healing and healthy hair. These also help in repairing the body.


Leucine is essential for your health. IT also has medical benefits. Leucine is needed for growth of muscles.


Lysine is good for improvements of athletic performance and healthy bones.


Threonine is an amino acid that is essential for muscle. It helps in controlling muscle contractions.

How do we choose the right amino acids and supplements. Some help to increase energy, some help in building muscle, some are for burning fat and some for weight loss.

I feel that we can all benefit from amino acids for a healthy well-being. You will need to choose what is best for you.

Best wishes,